Our half-day excursion Macanao Discovery


We organise 2 horseback riding tours twice a day:

one in the morning (from 8:00 am to 01:00 pm) and another in the afternoon

(from 02:00 pm to 07:00 pm).

Macanao Discovery includes:

- Transport (Hotel-Ranch Cabatucan-Hotel)

- A briefing on how to ride “Western Style”

- Two hours guided tour (in the mountains and along the beach).

- Soft drinks

Macanao Horses Group horses  


Our guides speak English, Spanish and French.
The children from 3-5 years old can ride with one of our guides.
The recommended clothes are: trainers, long trousers and baseball cap.
Maximum weight: 120 Kg

Please click hereHorairesfor the schedules of departure "pick-up time of transportation".

  Horse riding by moonlight

Discover the wonderful sensations of a horseback trek in the Caribbean moonlight !


Escape from everything during a 2 hour horseback ride in the moonlight! Share these magical moments with us. Feel the cool breeze on the hills. Ride to the rythm of the hooves "clic-clac". Breath taking vistas. Seashore horse ride where you will admire moonlight reflection on the ocean. Unforgettable memories.

At night, the horses are very attentive and sure footed. Let the horse lead you in all safety though the paths of wild Macanao! A fascinating experience...


Schedule of the next rides by moonlight:

01/03/18 - 31/03/18 - 29/04/18 - 29/05/18 - 27/06/18 - 27/07/18 - 26/08/18 - 24/09/18 - 24/10/18 - 23/11/18 - 22/12/18


Horses workshop for children

A first step to initiate your children with the world of horses!


This half day workshop is meant for children from four (4) to twelve (12).

The children will learn how to take care of a horse, receive a basic riding instruction "Western style" and enjoy a half a hour horse guided tour. A wonderful first taste of the horseback riding world!

  Cabatucan Ranch          in Macanao...   The most beautiful horseback rides in the caribbean !

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